Two Wings Design | Las Ibicencas

Las Ibicencas

Specialist in construction of Spanish Country houses, known as Ibiza-style
  • Hand finished inside and out for authentic look & feel
  • Organic forms & terracotta tiles

This is an example of 4 of the 7 ibiza-style houses we build on a big hilly plot in the mountains behind Sitges. Typical for the Ibiza houses, are the square and rounded organic shapes, arches, terracotta tiled floors and wooden beams. Although the style is named after the original country houses on the Spanish island IBIZA, it is a universal Mediterranean style. You find these houses also in the rest of Catalonia and in Sitges.

Our ibiza style villas are hand finished inside and outside, like the authentic old country houses. With the experience of many villas designed and constructed in this country-house style we have the know-how and techniques to achieve beauty and authenticity.
In the old day those houses had small windows, but our interiors are spacious and light & warm and inviting.

The ibiza finish is in white, but alternatively when we finish the walls in a natural sand or beige colour, you get an adobe style looking house, like some of the townhouses you find in Sitges.

Photos are just some of the houses we did in this style.

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