Two Wings Design | Casa Miro

Casa Miro

Clean lines and forms combine to make the visual impact

  • Less is more
  • Square
  • Spectacular windows
  • Graphic-design turned 3 dimensional
  • Our new build minimalistic villas are unique statements in a sea of do-it-yourself-design.

In the Sitges and Barcelona area, there are not many truly minimalistic modern villas for sale. If you do manage to find one for sale, the price can be extremely high, so the alternative is to have us design & build you a new one, probably for less.

You find the land – or we help you with that. Then leave the rest to us: Original sketches, architect plans, the building from start to finish, including the interior design. We also arrange for all permits (colegio de arquitectos, town-hall, Generalitad, Fecsa-Endesa) and connections (water, electricity and sewer-) passed and done.

We offer a complete turn-key villa, with land included in the “for sale” section. An off-plan offer, so it will be built especially for you.

A villa with strong lines and forms; a sober beauty. The house basically consists of a triangular and a square form, one inserted in the other.

We developed this villa on a complicated plot of land. Still, we were able to combine an outstanding design with comfortable living and a flat, south facing garden with original swimming-pool and zen-garden.

Here you see that we used graphic art to inspire the design of the kitchen and we used zen-ideas in our garden design.